About us

We are Andy and Renata. Mother and daughter. We share the love for: languages, travels, treating people, intercultural exchange, Psychology, art, and going out to eat. 

Acá Spanish was born from naturally recognizing ourselves as companions and partners, with the desire to offer the world our Spanish, our culture, and above all, to meet people around the world, who bring their vision and culture to our lives. 

We understand learning a language as an experience, a connection with another vision of the world that transforms the own. Immerse yourself in its spirit, its way of understanding the world, its ways of saying, of living.

Our classes have that focus and that objective. Meet, share, exchange, learn and have fun.

Above all, there is what you need to do with your Spanish: settle down to live here, work, take an exam, talk to the natives, drive around the city for a few days or simply learn some nice phrases that you take with you as a souvenir.

Acá is an adverb of place widely used in Buenos Aires, unlike the usage of Iberian Spanish or the rest of Latin America: Aquí. 

We chose it as an invitation to familiarize yourself with our Argentine ways, to feel part of our use of the language. In the rioplatense. (Río de La Plata) way.

We know that the variants of the Spanish language are many, since it is spoken in many countries, so we always take a moment to tell you how you might hear the same expression in other Spanish-speaking regions as well. (Spain and the other Latin American countries)

Thanks for choosing us

Acá te esperamos.

Andy Albarracín y Renata Cammi

Andy Albarracín y Renata Cammi

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