Methodology, modality and approach

Our way of teaching is through the Communicative Method, which consists in learning to communicate with a clear and practical purpose, through various tools such as audio, texts, songs, real conversations, exercises, games.

You will learn vocabulary, grammar, communicative expressions, phonetics and pronunciation, as well as Argentine culture and customs.

We accompany you in what you want to do with the language.

Conversation classes

Online/Face-to-face classes

60 or 90 minutes

Your goals

We want to know from you to put together classes that suit you.

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About us

We are Andy and Renata. Mother and daughter. We share the love for: languages, travels, treating people, intercultural exchange, Psychology, art, and going out to eat. 

Acá Spanish was born from naturally recognizing ourselves as companions and partners, with the desire to offer the world our Spanish, our culture, and above all, to meet people around the world, who bring their vision and culture to our lives. 

We understand learning a language as an experience, a connection with another vision of the world that transforms the own. Immerse yourself in its spirit, its way of understanding the world, its ways of saying, of living.

Andy Albarracín y Renata Cammi

Clases súper divertidas y dinámicas en un ambiente informal, totalmente recomendable. Muchas gracias a Andy y a todos de Acá español!
Yana Gertsik
Yana Gertsik
¡Excelentes clases de español! Los maestros son muy maravillosos, amigables y atentos. Prestan atención individual a cada estudiante, lo que ayuda a aprender el idioma rápido y efectivamente. Las clases son siempre interesantes y variadas, y siempre hay algo de qué hablar. Realmente me encantaron estas clases y las recomendaría a cualquier persona que quiera aprender español.
Семён Кузьмичёв
Семён Кузьмичёв
He aprendido mucho ya, es divertido y disfruto mucho las clases en línea con Andy. Saludos de Munich
monika reinhart
monika reinhart


Recreational activities

Street classes

Real life, we order at a bar or restaurant, chat with people

Argentinian Culture

Asados, Bike Tours, Theatre tours, Mate meetings, Walking Tours through different spots in Buenos Aires.

Tango classes


We are in Palermo Soho, a fun, jovial neighborhood, full of life, bars, restaurants, trending and alternative boutiques, fairs, graffiti, street music, queer scene and theaters.

This is a staging enviroment